What people are saying

What I like the most in Jamal is that he usually picks topics most people would usually avoid and through hard research and work always comes up with impressive result and easy reading for our 1WD readers! Glad to have him in our friendly team!

Dainis Graveris, Founder of 1stwebdesigner.com

Jamal's work shows great potential and a solid understanding of the principles of good design.

Geoff Wilson, President/CEO of 352

Jamal is a fantastic designer, he has vision and understands the term “concept” the best part is that he can take his concepts through to completion

Aaran Casey, of Az Creative

Jamal has been a valuable addition to the Bestcovery team of experts. He has an in-depth knowledge of web design and development, and is very skilled in offering easy to understand recommendations to our readers. He manages his projects effectively and has proven to be very reliable.

Philip Parker, of Bestcovery.com

Jamal has been writing for Besportier.com for some time and the results are suberb! He has a very adaptive writing style that can be translated to any topic and will be sure to keep readers interested and coming back. A great hire for anyone looking for a professional freelance writer!

Ilya Pikus of Besportier.com

In the short time Jamal has spent on the BKV development team, he has proven himself an energetic, eager, and confident coder. He enjoys a good challenge and determines to see it through to resolution.

Todd Chambers, Group Creative Director at BKV

Finger-on-the-pulse designer, his creations are as current as today's newspaper but sophisticated and timeless. His use of typography is truly inspired and inspiring. I value very much this young man's design perspective, his insights have been instrumental in several of my recent launches, he'd make a great art director.

Alex Colina, Creative Director at PBS

Jamal is a brilliant interaction designer -- innovative, expertly skilled, strategic in thought and practice. Jamal demonstrates highly developed hard and soft skills.

Jamal is a great web/mobile developer to have on your team. He has some diverse experience when it comes to languages, and is a great asset to have, when it comes to crunch time. Never hesitates to work late to get the job done and is always there to help out. I would strongly recommend him for any role that requires a web/mobile technologist.

Sharma Vedula, Director of Technology of Brown Bag Marketing

A detailed eye for design and usability. Has talent in writing, communication and principles of design. Highly recommend him for your next project.

Jamie Linder, Design Freelancer

This really is a lovely site and well targetted at its intended audience. The hand drawn font and other elements gives a nice individual feel to the site. Overall this feels lovely, easy to use and informative with a great feel.

Emma Simpson, of Emma Simpson Design, on North Clayton High TSA 2010

Jamal is such a talented designer. His ideas are fresh, modern and always on the cutting edge of our field. He is very focused on his work and I always look forward to seeing his new design concepts. He is quick to give great advise and I truly respect his critique. Jamal is going to go far as a designer!

Rebecca Perry, Software Engineer of Las Vegas Sands Corp

I worked extensively with Jamal when he recently redesigned and developed the company web site for Mobilize Worldwide (www.mobilizeworldwide.com). Jamal is a talented, well-rounded developer and designer, and he drew on a high level of proficiency in both areas to deliver a fantastic site for us. His fresh insight and improvements for the mobile and desktop site versions were invaluable, and we were thrilled with the results. On top of that, he's very sharp, responds quickly and is an all-around great person to work with. I am happy to recommend him highly.

Cory Gaddis, Account Executive of Mobilize Worldwide

Ability to see the various aspect of creative and provide a breakthrough designs is what I have seen in Jamal's designs. I think his ability of creating story telling designs, engage people and create a remarkable experience is something that keep him aside of the crowd. All I can say in one line... ‘A creative person with great test of creativity’ Keep up the great work!

Haider Ali, of New Media Guru

The most valuable quality of any developer is the ability to learn. Jamal can pick up nearly any new skill at the drop of a hat. On top of this endless potential, he has already assembled an impressive set of development knowledge that will compliment any team he works with. I highly recommend him.

Ben Yarbrough, Web Development Engineer at Pamlab Development, Nestlé Health Science

Jamal is an exceptional front end developer. He is very comfortable with the front end technologies like html, css, javascript, coffee script. He is great to work with and i also has fun working with him. He picked up with Ruby on Rails with in a short time. I can say he is a young kid with great future and great aspirations.

Vineel Sonnathi, Ruby on Rails Developer at PGi

Jamal is incredible with colors, his designs are very vivid and I like how he manages to combine the techy stuff with hand made things like typography or icons. When I look at the work he has done it seams like he has insight, like he is doing this for over 30 years ... Fun and creativity is what it's all about

Ionut Resetar, of Skobbler

Your work are excellent in the areas of design/usuability and branding. You have passion for design/development.

Bipul Kafley, of OrganicWithSEO

Jamal has been a pleasure to work with and has gone over and above to deliver quality code. Thank you and we look forward to continuing to work with you.

Will Roberts, Managing Director of WebBox Digital