More about Jamal

I make the web a better place with beautiful code, inspired designs, and ultra cool blog articles!

Hello, my name is Jamal and I’m the exact creative you’re looking to work with. My specialties are creating beautiful and user-friendly designs, and writing clean and dynamic code for my clients. My mix of freelance(2 years) and high level corporate(2 years), four years total, experience allows me to provide amazing solutions that get results.

I am a blogger, designer, developer, entrepreneur, poet, writer, and perfectionist. In a nutshell, I’m a self-taught freelance designer and developer that loves what he does.

You can continue to learn more about myself by reading the following sections, taking a look at what those who’ve worked with me have to say on my testimonials page, or by looking at some of my select recent work. Of course you could already have your mind made up, and head over to the contact page. :)

My Background Story

The story of how I got started in the web industry is unique, if not more so funny. A lot of designers and developers claim to have got into the professional web design and development industry by just a curiosity of how websites were made. Well, I’m not one of them.

I got started in this industry doing what now makes me, and anyone I tell this, laugh hard and feel quite surprised at where I’ve made it to. My first real start was designing MySpace layouts. Yes, I actually just said MySpace layouts.

It’s from these humble beginnings of stumbling with the most basic HTML and CSS, getting through what I thought was the hardest challenging of my technical life(…..overlaying a div), essentially tossing myself to the online creative wolves by sharing my horrible early designs, and spending a few years absorbing whatever information on design and development I could, that produced the designer and developer you’re highly considering working with.

Tech Notes

This website was built using the web technologies HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, and WordPress. The framework Foundation by Zurb, my responsive framework of choice, is used to make my site responsive.

The coding for my portfolio was 100% hand coded in Sublime Text Editor 2, and all graphics were created or optimized in Adobe Fireworks. All icons were found using the icon search engines Iconfinder and FindIcons. The fonts used are Chivo and Cabin.